9nnri hy9kt 9kn3b z3z7a nr6fa ab4kn nk454 bbian 5a3f3 45nn3 r4di9 dia72 nh9eb 3fdah s5hf9 995nn s5dzb d3ndy at6a2 737a3 dttk4 MEGA ABSOL RAID NOW! Please add only one 408215816956 OR 511011463817 |

MEGA ABSOL RAID NOW! Please add only one 408215816956 OR 511011463817

2021.10.22 14:00 FrenchInstinct MEGA ABSOL RAID NOW! Please add only one 408215816956 OR 511011463817

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2021.10.22 14:00 jamesjustinsledge The Witch Flight to the Sabbat - From Inquisitional Myth to Psychedelic Flying Ointment

The Witch Flight to the Sabbat - From Inquisitional Myth to Psychedelic Flying Ointment submitted by jamesjustinsledge to WitchesVsPatriarchy [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 14:00 awfulwaffle7 YM from Iowa question

I am a youth minister from Iowa. I work full-time at a church. I was recently offered a job for three hours a day at a local business. I make 150% more at that job (67k). In a meeting this week our “senior minister” said that a local business leader was talking about me and how he was also going to bring me in to work form them since I’m doing so well for his friend. While telling me this the minister said “I laughed and bit my tongue.” Is there any way to take this other than a complete insult? We are a YG of 40 in a church of 140, so we’re not failing. Thoughts?!
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2021.10.22 14:00 frickflyer Festivais/festas de DnB e Hardcore?

Boas malta sou do Porto mas ando sempre por todo o país, tenho interesse em festivais mas não encontro nada que me desperte interesse. Gosto de DnB mas não tanto daquele mais soft de sunsets e tal. Gosto de Telekinesis, Gydra, Pendulum, Prodigy, Celldweller, Kanine, Macky Gee.
Também gosto de Hardcore mas uma noite inteira a ouvir Angerfist ou assim cansa, gosto mais de Sefa e assim, happycore mais ou menos. Até se souberem de Acid Techno adorava.
Sugestões? Obrigado desde já.
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2021.10.22 14:00 Smilydon DT Magma Dragon, Provoke and Hex

Could anyone please explain how the Provoke and Hex debuffs interact on the Magma Dragon boss? aYumi seems to imply that he can't place Hex on your champions while under Provoke, but he'll still use his AOE skills to attack the entire team?
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2021.10.22 14:00 Disastrous-Web-937 Penquinz0 fanboys are Doxxing/ grabbing peoples personal info in the comments

on critikals video he made about max, theres a few specific people that are revealing private info and attacking everybody, they are so pathetic it worrys me, idk if anybody else noticed it it might be fake
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2021.10.22 14:00 NaturalClone What’s the best gift-giving advice you’ve ever gotten?

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2021.10.22 14:00 Madly12 Ali - De Larmes ... (French Hip-Hop Remix)

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2021.10.22 14:00 meltdown6161 DotZilla| Real GEM 🚀 | Huge potential! | LAUNCH SOON

DotZilla| Real GEM 🚀 | Huge potential! | LAUNCH SOON

Welcome to DotZilla

If you buy and hold DotZilla, you will automatically receive rewards from Polkadot !!!

Great marketing is done by a team of developers known in the industry (influencers on board, paid ads, and more) 🚀🚀🚀 You don't want to miss this gem!

You can easily invest and collect rewards

Tokenomics: All in all 10%


💸3% LQ

💸4% rewards

💸3% marketing fee

Max TX: 11%


Where to buy ?: You can buy the token at PancakeSwap! You can easily add your BNBs to DotZilla change

Contract: Will be published in Telegram!

Social telegram: https://t.me/DotZilla_BSC

Knowing that you can invest in the token and be safe - without having anything that is a honeypot or a rug pull based on developer history, you know you can shop and trade safely.

Check out the Telegram and get to know the community. There were some good laughs along the way. Community is growing fast!
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2021.10.22 14:00 AverageJoePlays Shadow of the Scorpion Boss

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2021.10.22 14:00 SeFii05 Meanwhile I'm still not sure what I'm gonna play

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2021.10.22 14:00 anupvoteforyou [Hollinger] Finally the league has a coach who can shut down Luka Doncic

[Hollinger] Finally the league has a coach who can shut down Luka Doncic submitted by anupvoteforyou to nba [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 14:00 Drewmen3 Costume fusion

Hey guys does anybody know how to use the costume fusion tickets you get from failing to fuse a costume? I tried putting it in the secondary slot but it only gives me 4 out of the 5 required points and i am unable to out a costume on top of it. Has anyone figured this out? I may just be missing/misunderstanding something simple but i have to ask!
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2021.10.22 14:00 team_avolition_ownz Dark&Lovely in NewYork 🗽

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2021.10.22 14:00 Apprehensive_Beat217 noooooooooo Goku que te paso

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2021.10.22 14:00 Ilantaiebmusic Top 5 Funk Rock Riffs

Top 5 Funk Rock Riffs submitted by Ilantaiebmusic to bluesguitarist [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 14:00 Luna99NB Having hard time driving in PC Steam

Hey I am having hard time how to drive in PC Steam gameplay. Any tips?
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2021.10.22 14:00 David0422 Why Kakashi Why?

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2021.10.22 14:00 Ardhillon [Complete][2.3k][Drama]Senior

Blurb: To keep it simple, the story is about a father and son dynamic and the son's desire to gain respect.
Looking to submit this story to a few magazines, so was looking for thoughts and feedback on the tone, emotional impact, and atmosphere of the story, additionally thoughts on the ending as well.
Open to any suggestions, really. I'm not married to a particular detail/description or plot point.
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2021.10.22 14:00 snsjdjhdhdd Dell XPs issue

long story short a few days ago bios spends ages booting and whenever gpu benchmark/game launch entire pc crash really loud fan noise tried DDU and reinstall gpu driver but same issue Please help I am clueless pc is dell xps8930 gpu is the dell 2060
More information: before this issue started to happen he updated bios but that was around 20 days before issue started on flight sim he had issue a month ago after clicked on flight sim got so far then pc crashed pc did same thing at same place reinstalled it then it worked for about 2-3 week 4 days ago pc crashed max fans black screen then crashes at same place and same issue happened with benchmarks around 2 days ago bios went slow spends ages booting despite being on ssd on bios screen
Sorry this is poorly structured also the bios slow and crashed don’t come at the same time .
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2021.10.22 14:00 Horror_Retrospective Film Review: The Door (2014)

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2021.10.22 14:00 iouicu Danai Nielsen - Who Are They

A ghost tower that talks in allegories, when a futuristic girl aka Danai Nielsen makes us a tour in 19th floor. An ark that keeps safe the real heroes of this dystopian era.
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2021.10.22 14:00 MrPadlio Ποιά είναι η μεγαλύτερη λέξη της ελληνικής γλώσσας;

Η λέξη "λάστιχο" - μπορείς να την τεντώσεις...
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2021.10.22 14:00 oobydeath bra when i see in school tomorrow you gone be like o shit

bra when i see in school tomorrow you gone be like o shit
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2021.10.22 14:00 Mawrak Evil 3.0+1.0

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