[WTS] Walkers at 21xfv, Complete Washington quarter set, 41'-17' complete Walker Dansco Album, 10oz generics, standing lib quarters

2021.10.22 12:45 walkstap [WTS] Walkers at 21xfv, Complete Washington quarter set, 41'-17' complete Walker Dansco Album, 10oz generics, standing lib quarters

As for shipping, same goes as usual- all orders over $1000 receive free shipping! Everything will be shipped USPS. Orders over 10oz will be shipped in SFRB, and everything else will be calculated on a case by case basis. Payments accepted: Zelle, PPFF, Venmo, or Cashapp. Zelle Payments receive 1.5% discount.
Timestamps: here
If you want closeups of any specific coins, let me know.
Here's what I've got, send me a pm if you think my prices are wacky or you'd like to negotiate.

Item Price Quantity Available
Washington Quarter Set $515 1 - (83 quarters, including 1932D and 1932S)
Walking Liberty Dansco Album (1941-1947) $300 1 (24 Halves, Includes some AU/XF/VF)
Walking Liberty Halves, Mixed dates 21xfv 300fv
10oz Generic Bars (Amark and Sunshine) $270 2
Standing Liberty Quarters (Dateless) $21xfv 6.25fv
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2021.10.22 12:45 ZoolShop Crypto price prediction: Where does bitcoin go from here?

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2021.10.22 12:45 jonathanosv Different Najimi colors

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2021.10.22 12:45 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.10.22 12:45 SnooJokes3792 What is your most right-wing political view?

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2021.10.22 12:45 FrawstE Need help with this music bot, I don't understand Python enough

I want to use this
vc.play(source, after=lambda x=None: self.check_queue())
but it's giving me an error that self.check_queue was not awaited.
after=lambda x=None: lets me run the code after the song has ended.
My check_queue function looks like this
async def check_queue(self): if len(queue) > 0: await self.next() else: await self.next()
Is there a was to await self.check_queue in its call. I'm really confused since I've never used Python.
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2021.10.22 12:45 goldenson Best stocks to buy for long term

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2021.10.22 12:45 Guobaorou Airlander 10 is PMI's "47th Most Influential Project of 2021" (7th most influential in Europe)

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2021.10.22 12:45 Wuurx Can you figure out the answer, and why?

L 2,12,2,0 H 3,8,4,2 D 2,4,0,1 F 3,6,3,0 O 1,15,0,2 X ,,,_
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2021.10.22 12:45 grichardson526 meeting the new addition

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2021.10.22 12:45 Nebula_Zwie Besides doing the story, how do I ask a free to play player actually earn gems?

Battle villa barely gives 2000 gems, and events don't really give much more then a hundred or two, so what others ways are there?
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2021.10.22 12:45 sirms Can y'all tell me if this bar backing salary is good?

It's in NYC. $15 an hour + 10% tip pool for a total of 26 hours Tues, Weds, Fri.
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2021.10.22 12:45 TheUncagedRage0 In Six hours, Robb and Jared will play Through the Ashes of Empires in it's entirety LIVE on Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube, be sure to bring beer money and beer.

Watch robbflynn with me on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/robbflynn?sr=a
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2021.10.22 12:45 travelchili Hard Off Recycle Store Japan - Mishima [14:35]

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2021.10.22 12:45 claaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaa New Club Alert!! The Lady Lifters club is now an OFFICIAL organization at UNCC and we’d love to have more women join us!

DM me so you can follow our official Instagram page and keep up to date so you know when our first meeting will be:-)
If you’re a woman looking for a club of other strong women, reach out so I can send you our interest form🎉
Excited to hear from y’all🤠
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2021.10.22 12:45 sabin-b What is your biggest flaw that you never admit in front of others?

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2021.10.22 12:45 Intelligentinsomniac One of my ocs, Null. ((The challenge is to guess his personality in the comments based on the pictures))

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2021.10.22 12:45 J0rd3ee Is it okay that I don't want to go back to school?

19F (well, 20 soon).
I feel really sad all the time, and I'm just not ready yet. I just want an adult to tell me it's okay and be supportive. I don't have that, I've never had that. I wonder if I'd be back already if I had someone in my corner.
I went to the library today, in fact, I'm writing this from there. I read a few pages of Linux magazine, and drank some water. No studying has taken place.
I've been to psychiatrists, I don't think they can help. I just get this horrible feeling. I wish I was more like my friends.
Someone told me last night that I should probably finish some stuff up and start uni next year. He's not the only one. Ideally, that's what I'd like to do... but I'm not in an ideal situation.
I'm disappointed by how cruel and dismissive people can be, and have been. I've got other stuff going on too, like a chronic illness that I'm only just figuring out how to manage. No one helped me, I think being sick and totally ignored fucked me up a little extra mentally.
I just want to hide in a hole 99% of the time. Brushing my teeth is scary, breakfast is scary, going outside is scary. I never admit it, no one understands, I don't even understand why I'm like this.
Maybe it's entitled that I want someone to be nice to me or be patient, after all, how many people get that anyway?
I tried to shower today, got that horrible feeling again so I just used wipes instead lol. I do feel cleaner now. I guess I needed to get this off my chest. No one has any idea. To others, I'm just wasted potential at best, or invisible. I don't like to think about what they think at worst.
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2021.10.22 12:45 tychofan Wizard Nebula - NGC 7380

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2021.10.22 12:45 Garlic_Cheese_Toast [xb1 price check] mut/e/25 fixer

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2021.10.22 12:45 aprincess77 4 tickets 10/30 Columbus!!

4 tickets available for Saturday show in Columbus. Section 202, Row E, aisle seats. Asking $99 each which is less than what I paid.
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2021.10.22 12:45 lbj18 Well my jobs gone in 2023

My boss is handing the company to his son. Who well a known drug addict and can't be trusted. I am expected to work for this joker. I will not I have enough saved to find a new skill I'm honestly getting tired of home improvement.i thinking ow of working on landscape again.it find peace in nature and working with it I could be a great job!.
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2021.10.22 12:45 TheGelatinousDude Mardu Knights

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2021.10.22 12:45 rocoonshcnoon Sometimes i think about the time i was 15 and some 20 year old tried to groom me

He kept driving every conversation towards sex. Id talk about playing Doom and hed say something like "im just polishing my knob rn ;)". It got too much to ignore and made me uncomfortable. I didn't know why and i didn't even know what grooming was but i knew something was wrong. So i went to my friend at the time who was talking to the same persona and told her to block him. Its still a weird memory.
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