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Blockx project is a good and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and predicted growth of both the campaign and Your money. Be sure to participate! This is an amazing project
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2022.01.26 14:00 Goodmorning_Squat Mini-Cut Guide

I decided to make a post that is mostly geared towards nutrition and more specifically mini-cuts. When I searched weightroom and other sub-reddits the information I came back with was fairly sparse. Also, since a lot of people in here have used/are currently using the SBS programming, myself included, I thought it would be a good opportunity to review and plug their relatively new dieting assistant app Macrofactor.
Mini-Cut –
Based on what I was able to gather a mini-cut is meant to be an aggressive 4 – 8 week cut. General consensus is you should aim to lose between 1% - 1.5% of bodyweight a week and very likely should be in a daily 1,000+ calorie deficit. A mini-cut should not be used to get shredded or as the “kick-off” for a sustained fat loss phase. A mini-cut should be used in the middle of a prolonged bulking phase. You use a mini-cut to drop excess fat you’ve accumulated, to reduce your TDEE, regain an appetite, and most importantly to gain additional time to bulk. This is something you should not be considering until you are at minimum over 15% bodyfat, personally I think 18-20% range is a reasonable spot to consider doing it, and are at least a solid intermediate (thinking 2-3 years as an intermediate here) with some prior successful dieting experience.
Since you are going aggressive with the weight loss you can expect to be hungry and lethargic. This may seem counter intuitive, but now is the time to reduce cardio and reduce training volume, probably around 20%.
As it relates to cardio, the body has a funny way of balancing things out. There is a good chance if you up the cardio, you will compensate by basically becoming a sloth the rest of the day. On top of that, too much intense cardio can interfere with your training, something we definitely do not want during an aggressive weight loss phase.
As it relates to training, you should keep effort intense every set (0-3 RiR), but drop volume slightly. The goal is not to kill yourself in the gym. It is to lose fat and maintain muscle. The goal is to get the most out of each session, but leave enough room for recovery for the next session. Cody’s 1000 workout post is actually a really good example of this, you’ll notice he trained hard, but made sure not to obliterate himself on any given day.
The reason is not just about recovery, but because maintaining and growing muscle is all about muscle protein synthesis exceeding muscle breakdown or in more bro terms, muscle growth exceeds muscle damage. Training as we all know is the number one cause for muscle growth and as such you want to get the most out of each session. If you carry fatigue from a previous training session into your current session, there is a good chance you will reduce your overall stimulus from the training session.
The biggest trap (one that I struggled not to fall into honestly), is at the end of the mini-cut, where you don’t look quite as good as you had hoped and want to keep pushing the weight loss just a little further. Remember though, a mini-cut is meant to be short and intense, it isn’t supposed to get you stage or even beach lean. Hit your goals as best you can in the 4-8 week period and then get back into a surplus. I’d recommend a small surplus at first, and then you can get more aggressive if you would like.
Here are some of the specific podcasts I listened too in regards to mini-cuts and their utility (obviously there are more than just these three, but I thought these were the most helpful):
Alberto Nunez (3DMJ) and Jared Feather (RP) discussion hosted by Revive Stronger -
Jackson Peos -
Stronger by Science - – Eric’s take is slightly different from RP, 3DMJ and Jackson, but I’d say a more widely actionable version.
Results -
Alright, so before I get into Macrofactor and my background/experience I’ll share my results. I hit a low of 164.2lbs in 23 days from a starting point of 172lbs. My weight loss was fairly linear, I lost 3 pounds within the first week and then the following weeks I’d lose anywhere between 0 - .2 pounds for 5 days and then experience a .8-1 lb drop a day on days 6 and 7. It was a bit frustrating and definitely had me second guessing things at times, but I kept the course and it paid off, see the images 5 and 6 out of 8 for the weight loss.
Here’s the progress pics – I’d say I am a solid 15-16% here, again nothing impressive and certainly not what I would consider beach lean. As a former powerlifter my physique is not very good, except for maybe my legs, but I’m working on it haha. I also included pictures of what I look like while not flexing my abs (4 out of 6), versus what it looks like when I do flex my abs (5 out of 6).
Measurements –
I have two methods of tracking progress.
I use the 9 measurement from the muscle and strength pyramid books (#2) since I grabbed the book last year and I found it is a good way to do things. It is all flexed which helps the ego and is a good way to keep things consistent. Also I think tracking in CM for measurements and lbs for body weight is the best blending of the systems. The smaller the increments, the more accurate the tracking. I will say, I despise the chest measurement though, just never feel I accurately measure it.
Progress from the start

Dec 25, 21 Jan 23, 22
weight 172 lbs 165 lbs -7 lbs
chest 116 cm 112 cm -4 cm
waist high 86 83.4 -2.6
waist medium 84.5 80.8 -3.7
waist low 83 79.5 -3.5
hip 98.7 97.6 -1.1
right quad 66.6 64.8 -1.8
left quad 66.1 63.9 -2.2
right arm 40.9 40.5 -0.4
left arm 38.9 39 .1
I also have measurements that I have data on going back years and years. This is all unflexed and in inches.
Progress from last time I got down around this low
May 2020 Jan 2022
Weight 163 lbs 165 lbs
Waist 32.1 inch 31.9 inch
Chest 41.33 42.52
Shoulders 48 49.65
Arms 14 14.41
Forearm 11.19 11.22
Legs 24.5 25
Experience –
I started at around 172lbs, a little fluffier than I had wanted and looking to do a long bulk in 2022. I figured I’d start the slate fresh by doing this mini-cut to get down to 164-166 lbs. I cut for a little shy of 4 weeks on somewhere between 1900-2250 calories a day. I dropped my daily calories 50-100 calories each week as my TDEE plummeted from 3400ish to high 2900s. I kept protein around 170g the entire time entirely from food, no protein shakes. I think in a cut, especially the more aggressive it gets, you need to get the most out of each calorie. I’d rather eat 100 calories worth of chicken than drink it when the next meal isn’t for another 3-4 hours. This is probably something a lot of you already know, but for me it was the first time I have done this and it makes a notable difference. I probably owe a big thank you to a lot of chickens and cows that were sacrificed to make my maintenance of gains possible.
On average I lost 1.8lbs a week after you take the first week out of the equation, which is slightly lower than my intended 2 pounds a week, but I also was very close to my goal of 164 so it worked out in the end.
I cut back on my training by about the 20%, it really came down to dropping only a set or two for each muscle group.
I do not track my steps and I’m pretty sedentary working from home on the couch all week and lift in my basement. I do not do cardio, but I would get some gentle walks in once in a while, play around the house with my kid, and made sure when I went grocery shopping I would park far away. I also tried to get up a little more during the day to get water, move about, work while standing, etc. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say at the very best I was averaging 3,000 steps a day.
In terms of the actual diet and food, I tracked and weighted everything I ate. In terms of meal structure I took an approach I heard Chris Barakat mention he took for his contest prep. I ate the same (or very similar) meals for breakfast and lunch and left a certain amount of calories and protein for dinner and an after dinner snack. Breakfast was 1 large egg, 145-160g of egg whites, a toasted bagel (~140g) and 14-19g of ketchup, lunch was 180g – 190g of cooked chicken or lean beef, 1 cup of cooked rice (158g) and 125g of cauliflower rice.
I originally started with 5 meals a day, but I found that I was starving after the first lunch and would eat the second lunch within an hour or two of the first. I kind of stumbled into 4 meals a day when my first lunch got pushed to 2pm a few times because of work or other circumstances. Having a larger lunch helped keep me satisfied, but I will say that without fail the lunch to dinner timeframe was the hardest part of my day. No matter how much cauliflower rice or chicken breast I ate I was guaranteed to be hungry within two hours.
I rarely went to bed hungry though, which is something that has always been important to my adherence to a diet. I also did not disrupt dinner with the family, I ate the same things they would eat, just prepared different. For example, when we ate burgers, I would make their patties with the normal 80/20 mix and mine was the 96/4 mix. If we had fajitas I would grill my chicken and veggies instead of sauteing them. Also, since I’m the family cook, it was helpful to not have to make 2 completely different meals and it helped keep me distracted and moving around.
Macrofactor -
Hey MFers and hopefully soon to be MFers I saved the best for last. I wanted to make a quick write up about how the app helped handled my lean bulk and mini-cut and what I learned along the way.
General –
So overall, I think the app is very intuitive. There are a lot of features I should probably use and don’t that would make my experience slightly easier. The common foods at specific times makes it easy to track lunch since it is usually fairly consistent. There is an option to dictate your food orally or type it in (e.g. 4oz chicken, 1 cup rice, 2 tbsp salsa) and the app will automatically find the relevant food options and populate your plate. I really like this feature when I am copying a recipe from a website, because you can copy and paste it into the app and it’ll populate everything for you. It saves a ton of time.
I have to say the diction usually cuts short when I try to speak into my phone, so I haven’t used it too often, but it doesn’t really matter that much to me.
The food database is very well populated and what I really enjoy is it has common foods and gives you the grams for measurements (e.x. - 1 cup of cooked rice being 158g). This makes tracking accurately much easier for me and gives all the micronutrient data too.
The app also does a very good job being extremely neutral, you can eat however you want and the app will update its calculations and recommend what calories and macros you should hit to gain or lose at your goal rate. There is no red color in its color scheme, and there are no warnings or any changes in color if you go over your recommended macros. I didn’t realize it until I started using this app that the other apps I had used really provided a sub-conscious stress about hitting my macros perfectly.
I’d say the best part for me though is the visual charts, especially the trending weight and the daily TDEE. The TDEE really helps keep you on track not only with the weekly adjustments to your plan, but during the week you can use this number to make sure you stay on track with your goal. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, but are really struggling with adherence any particular day it gives you an idea of how many calories you can eat to stay in a deficit or at least maintenance.
Lean Bulk –
Upon starting I filled in my nutrition and weight data from July to September to give the app a chance to calculate a very accurate TDEE. I followed the recommended goal of .5% BW a month and watched my weight drop and then start to very slowly climbed back up. During this time my TDEE climbed up from 2700ish calories to 3400ish calories, what I gained from this experience is my TDEE adapts pretty well to a small calorie surplus. I felt like I had a lot more energy as I got closer to what I think was the top end of my maintenance calories. It was a little frustrating at times to see the scale literally not move for weeks, but I think for me I need a slightly higher rate of gain to actually see scale progress. I also think I let my protein slip a little too much since I was cutting it so close to the maintenance/surplus calories. It was still above the 1.6 g/kg general recommendation, but I think personally I need slightly more to maintain/gain (who knows though I’m just guessing here).
Mini-Cut –
Leading up to my mini-cut I went on vacation and really went ham (5,500 calorie+ days). My weight didn’t change at all though because I hiked and walked a lot during that vacation so my TDEE shot up. I would say the app probably overestimated my TDEE by about 175 calories over the next couple of weeks. I figured this out by changing those days to 4000 calories a day and my TDEE was about 175 calories lower. I had seen other people mention this in the macrofactor subreddit and facebook group. So, when I set the app to be 1.2 -1.3% loss of bw a week and it told me 2400 calories, I ate 2250 instead. My TDEE plummeted every day (20-30 cals a day) during this weight loss period until close to the end where it started to slow to 10-15 cals a day. That said, I found though that the recommended calories at check in was less aggressive than I was. I think this is likely a better approach when you are looking for a more sustained fat loss period since it accounts for potential water weight retention and more sporadic swings in weight. It’s something I’ve heard from a lot of sources that sometimes the answer is to hold steady instead of dropping calories significantly.
What I thought was really fascinating though, is the gap closed between those two TDEE estimates (5,500 actually consumed and 4,000 estimate) until they became identical at the end of the cut. This just further reinforced for me that the app eventually will get you to the right place given enough time and accurate data. (pics 1, 2, 3 and 7 of 8).
In closing, I’m back in a small surplus and planning to bulk for the rest of 2022, good luck to everyone out there and hopefully this long ass write up helped at least one of you!
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Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
David Londono - Interstelar / (Key Em, BPM 128, Length 6:01)​
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2022.01.26 14:00 NoResponsibility7680 Keeping the conversation interesting in a long term serious relationship

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, and we’ve been living together for our whole relationship (Covid relationship haha). We honestly have a perfect relationship in my eyes, never a dull moment, always laughing and full of affection etc. We spend a lot of time together, and so I struggle to find things to talk about when we go out for nice meals. I’ve always had a big fear of awkward silence and it causes me anxiety. I feel completely comfortable around him so it’s not like I’m nervous, I think it’s genuinely that we are so open with each other day to day, so when we actually sit down for a meal with no other distractions there’s nothing new to share.
Valentine’s Day is coming up which is why I’m making this post. Any tips ? :)
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2022.01.26 14:00 HarwellDekatron Media News: Fox News literally sent a post-Jan-6 playbook to the White House... I'm sure Adam is chomping at the bit to cover this kind of media infiltration of government

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2022.01.26 14:00 lerhond Wednesday Esports Discussion - January 26


Sign-ups open X-Cup Winter (EU)
Defrost Miami (NA, LAN)
Results HeroesCCL - playoffs
Final CCL standings after playoffs:
  1. 30k (#1, 6-1 matches after group stage) - BadBenny, Dynouh, Liam, HasuObs, YasUwU, Nagrom
  2. Simplicity (0-4 vs. 30k in playoffs; #2, 5-2 group stage) - LegacY, Mascarade, Mene, Pants, Unaverted, Kure
  3. WildHeart Esports (1-3 vs. Simplicity; #3, 4-3) - MasonBlaze, SlugHunter, Tremor, Zergling, wearyday, Lupus
  4. STORM Esports (2-3 vs. Simplicity; #6, 4-3) - BBJ, Daykwaza, Lauber, Rutzou, ibtingz, CPX
  5. Diamond Hands (0-3 vs. STORM Esports; #4, 4-3)
  6. Oxygen Esports (1-3 vs. STORM Esports; #5, 4-3)
  7. Chilly Mountain (0-3 vs. STORM Esports; #8, 0-7)
  8. Granit Gaming (0-3 vs. Chilly Mountain; #7, 1-6)
X-Cup Winter - qualifiers
X-Cup VODs split to individual matches are also available on Khaldor's YouTube channel, but are usually uploaded a few days after the tournament and before I write this post.
Qualifier #6 (VODs: quarterfinal - The Hardos vs. Chilly Donuts, semifinal - WAH vs. The Hardos, full qualifier)
  1. The Hardos - BadBenny, Hans, HasuObs, Qopen, YasUwU
  2. Ah Shit Here we go again (0-2 vs. The Hardos) - Bishepss, Denardo, Муренас, MyTry, Renella
  3. Rage Quit Gaming (0-2 vs. Ah Shit Here we go again)
  4. WAH (forfeit vs. Rage Quite Gaming; 0-2 vs. The Hardos)
Qualifier #7 (VOD)
  1. WAH - Daykwaza, Dynouh, Mascarade, Nagrom, Ultralisk
  2. Ah Shit Here we go again (1-2 vs. WAH) - Bishepss, Denardo, Муренас, MyTry, Renella
  3. Random team (0-2 vs. Ah Shit Here we go again)
  4. Chilly Donuts (forfeit vs. Random team; 0-2 vs. WAH)
Schedule For an always up-to-date calendar of Heroes esports matches and events, check the calendar in the subreddit's sidebar. You can also subscribe to that calendar by following this guide. There's also a calendar on Liquipedia's front page.
January 26 (Wednesday) - 9:00 PST | 12:00 EST | 17:00 UTC | 18:00 CET | 4:00 AEDT
January 29 (Saturday) - 11:00 PST | 14:00 EST | 19:00 UTC | 20:00 CET | 6:00 AEDT
January 29 (Saturday) - 14:00 PST | 17:00 EST | 22:00 UTC | 23:00 CET | 9:00 AEDT
January 30 (Sunday) - 5:00 PST | 8:00 EST | 13:00 UTC | 14:00 CET | 0:00 AEDT
January 30 (Sunday) - 14:00 PST | 17:00 EST | 22:00 UTC | 23:00 CET | 9:00 AEDT
February 2 (Wednesday) - 9:00 PST | 12:00 EST | 17:00 UTC | 18:00 CET | 4:00 AEDT
Amateur league stream schedules:
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2022.01.26 14:00 bumblebreezy4 Sandlot or Franchise?

I just wanted to know what you guys use to build all your spectacular builds, sandlot or franchise? Ive been practicing my building skill in sandlot and would LOVE to do it in franchise but absolutely no money to do what i actually envision. (My entrance alone I made, when u did it in franchise, was 30k)
I have a new idea for a park which I cant wait to make and share, which is Pepperbark Gardens and its peppermint themed in the tundra with various animals. Im gonna make candy canes and brick style homey buildings for everything to match and im so excited to do it, and while I am doing it in sandlot, its not the same satisfaction as franchise when you see all the progress and skills and buy the animals yourself.
Anyways thank you, sorry for the long post!
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2022.01.26 14:00 Purefalcon "It's like LinkedIn, but for Orgs"

Join a growing community of Org leaders in a quality-driven discord.
If you are an org Leader or part of a leadership team and are looking for a way to easily connect with other Orgs to:

Star Citizen Orgs Discord:
This is discord is not for forming alliances, only as a space to have different Orgs connect.
You must either be an org Leader or part of the top leadership to participate.
All Org professions are welcome, from Trade to mining and PMC to pirates.
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2022.01.26 14:00 sfrealestatediscuss 301 Main St Unit 3E: 1 Bed(s), 1 Baths(s), Condo in South Beach (1,053 Sq. Ft.) - $1,150,000

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