True 320kbps mp3 vs wav/aiff

2022.01.26 15:18 ClayDavisSheet True 320kbps mp3 vs wav/aiff

It seems like i might be doing a gig on a relatively large soundsystem with very high quality speakers and subwoofers soon.
So what I am wondering is from the guys that actually knows and have tried and compared, how much of a difference will it really be possible to hear from a 320 mp3 that has been check in something like fakinthefunk to make sure it is true 320kbps, vs a wav or aiff file?
At this point I only have 320kbps mp3's in my portfolio, and as I understand it some gear won't accept wavs and aiff's anyway. So would it really be worth it to start to change my portfolio the more gigs I get or is 320kbps completely fine and up to what point?
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2022.01.26 15:18 biskup97 Can you catch covid twice in 2 weeks

So i got vaccinated twice, last time on 1. July of 2021, i tested positive around 9th of january. The infection was mild and i recoverd pretty fast. Today im expiriencing syptoms again. Much worse than the first time. So in 2-3 weeks can you get covid twice ? Im 25 year old and as long as i know im pretty healthy and in a solid condition.
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2022.01.26 15:18 sveiks01 Secret Society warning found in box of tea.

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2022.01.26 15:18 hotdogonthebbq Giant LEGO Wonder Woman becoming friends with one of my cats...

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2022.01.26 15:18 laidbackcanals karma4karma my bros

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2022.01.26 15:18 jookco joe pagano : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.26 15:18 andrea_sud_est Eppure il conio da parte dell'Italia delle monete da 1 centesimo è terminato il 1º gennaio 2018!

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2022.01.26 15:18 Benefits_lady Should I leave a great position with a retention bonus for an opportunity to advance 2 levels in my career?

I am in a sort of tricky situation and looking for advice. Recently my company was acquired by a larger organization. I work in HR which is a department with a lot of overlap in an integration situation so my role is not garaunteed long term (only officially til June but most likely through the end of 2022). I like my job and like the people I work with and right now the workload is pretty light. I was also offered a 100% salary retention bonus to stay, which I accepted. I received half the bonus at the deal closing date 1 month ago and will receive the other half in June.
Here is what's complicating things. My boss resigned a couple months ago because he could see that his job would be eliminated eventually because of the acquisition. Shortly after he left, he called me with a proposal of creating a Sr Manager role at his new company (reporting to him) which he wanted me to have. I am not technically qualified for that job level but my former boss said he believes in me to grow in to it and will devote time to mentoring and training me. This person is a great leader and the best boss I've ever had, we worked together for 4 years and never had any issues and I respect him a lot so I would like to work with him again. This job would offer 30-38k more than I make now and is a permanent position so I wouldn't need to worry about stability. Also, I would be basically skipping years of work to get to a Sr Manager level, so it's almost like fast forwarding my career.
I'm very nervous to take a job that high up due to the expectations and becoming a people leader for the first time but I know myself and think I could learn to do it well, I will most likely just be uncomfortable for a while. I would need to decide soon and start within a few weeks which means forgoing the other 50% of my retention bonus at my current company.
Should I just embrace feeling uncomfortable and extremely nervous for a while in this new role for the sake of my long-term career goals (which are eventually to reach director or VP level)? Or stay at my cushy job I'm familiar with, collect the other half of the retention and figure out what to do later if my position is eliminated?
What would you do?
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2022.01.26 15:18 SnooSongs1031 [help] [ps4] [ds2] eygils idol boss. SM is 2270253

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2022.01.26 15:18 ShiroKage-Zeffex Pretty sure this is how we all felt

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2022.01.26 15:18 TomatilloImportant40 Anyone that makes fun of a balding man. I hope the Norwood reaper destroys them!!!

Seen guys making of balding men in different subbreddits. I think this is so immature and insulating as well as Norwood reaper can cone for them at any given time 🤡
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2022.01.26 15:18 berniesherbatsky Hess’s Department Store

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2022.01.26 15:18 PPNPartido82 Biden/Warren 2016 on Normal

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2022.01.26 15:18 webmediums Uso de mascarilla en interiores de espacios públicos es prohibido en Nueva York

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2022.01.26 15:18 gosgosgosgosgos People who usually get good grades are allowed to be worried anyway

I always hear people complaining that someone who thinks they’re gonna fail and then always gets A’s are super annoying etc. Imposter syndrome is really common with people who do well in school, and worrying about not living up to expectations is equally difficult for people who do get good grades as for people who tend not to. Kind of equal to when people who live up to certain beauty standards are still insecure, it’s equally valid
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2022.01.26 15:18 Grand_Interaction568 SO HOT + 2018 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT 1

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2022.01.26 15:18 Howler3005 There's been exactly 100 Finalists and here's all 100 ranked by the amount of Jury Votes they've ever received!

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2022.01.26 15:18 DrNarwhale1 Good Ole 60’s

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2022.01.26 15:18 Worker-Own Dressed in blue.

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2022.01.26 15:18 laidbackcollector Understand that a man needs karma, it is your joob to supply

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2022.01.26 15:18 Droptimal_Cox Is UnModded or Modded the more popular way to play?

I loved UMvC3, but the imbalance of the endgame killed it for me so I got really hype when I saw mods balancing things. Are these actually what people are playing or is is still mostly UMvC3 unmodded? Is EX the one people use? (Also is there a feed back place cuz I got opinions on poor Captain 'Murica who sadly never gets the dash buff and anti run away tech he desperately needs)
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2022.01.26 15:18 Force-Dazzling What characters do you think are stronger than most people give them credit for?

For me I’d have to say Katou. I know he has a lot of jobber moments but his fight with Dorian was impressive to me considering how strong Dorian is.
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2022.01.26 15:17 PatTallman Special Xena collectable glasses

Special Xena collectable glasses Hi Friends,
I was on Babylon 5 as Lyta Alexander, (and an episode of Sheena by Xena producer Steven L. Sears). I had a business that created some samples of etched glassware and we did examples from Babylon 5 and Xena...cause...huge fan!
I am moving house and selling these unusual collectable one of a kind glasses! They are new, never been used. There are 3 sets available and then they are gone. You can see them here:
If you could help me get the word out I'd be so grateful! I want to get these things into the hands of the fans who would love them.
Thank you! Pat Tallman
The Pint glasses
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2022.01.26 15:17 NewsElfForEnterprise New technologies identified for funding by CRIN competitions will enable emissions reduction and improve safety in oil and gas

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2022.01.26 15:17 Biggie2207 LPT If trying to lose weight, buy snacks at the corner store, not the grocery store

It's so much easier to buy one coke vs a 2 liter or 12 pack. If I get chips at the grocery store it's a big bag that I eat till it's finished. But the corner store I can get a snack size for 50 cents and still get all I need from it.
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