How do men fuck people they don’t find attractive?

2022.01.26 15:10 wishyouwerehere- How do men fuck people they don’t find attractive?

Getting really tired of the “dating” world it’s all just starting to feel more like I’m a human sized flesh light, a hole and nothing else. Told myself I’d be celibate this year cause I’m so tried of hook up culture and men basically using me for sex. Last night I caved like a dumbass and the guy unmatched me before I could even wash the cum out of my hair, I’m talking like within 20 mins. Not sure what I did but the only conclusion I can really come to is that he doesn’t find me attractive. I don’t have a problem with rejection and I don’t care if people don’t find me attractive - where I care is if that’s how you feel then don’t sleep with me I’d much rather be rejected then used and treated like nothing. So that’s why I ask the question how do men sleep with people they don’t find attractive? He was sober, I was sober so it wasn’t like a drunken moment. Calling me hot through the whole interaction, saying shit like “we should do this again soon” “I’ll text you when I’m home” “I’m so glad we finally did this” afterwards all to just walk out my door and probably unmatch me in his car. He initiated all of it and if he didn’t want to fuck me then why did he do it? Cause now I feel like shit and if that’s how he felt he’s probably regretful or whatever. Mostly I’m just mad at myself cause I knew it would make me feel like shit and I did it anyways. Hoping I finally learn my lesson this time or else I’m gonna need someone to hit me over the head with a fucking rock.
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2022.01.26 15:10 ly45th Why do we always drain?

Ok so hear me out lol. I've had a pool and every year when you take the cover off its slimy and gross and green. But nobody ever drains we just do our thing with the vacuum and sanitizers until its clear again and its good to go. But everytime there is even a slight issue with spa water its drain and refill. Like the water will be more clear than my start of the season pool water but it has to be drained. Why can't it be cleaned like a pool? If there is a real reason thats fine but the process to drain the spa is more complicated than the pool. Just a pain.
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2022.01.26 15:10 NaturallyArtificial_ [Serious] Should certain people be banned from ever playing video games?

Mobile formatting, not sorry.
Because of the "No calls to action" rule listed, I cannot list any info on any active players, such as names and gamertags, but earlier today I played with a bloodhound main who was and absolute sh!tter. All 3 of us landed in different areas of lava city and I could hear footsteps from another team running around. I pinged enemies nearby and ran north to the giant bulldozer thing to regroup with our octane so we could defend in a more open area. HE. DID. NOT. DO. A. SINGLE. DAMN. THING.
He did not scan the area to see where anyone was located, he did not respond to any of my ping requests AT ALL. For the entirety of round 1, he just stood around and looked on the general direction of my enemy indicator pings. I hopped on my Mic to try to get his sorry ass to respond, he never did. Even when he started taking damage from the ring, he only moved out after taking over half damage to it and barely made out with a sliver of health.Only by some miracle did the other team not find him and waste his stupid butt He then ran around in geyser, shooting at nothing, not being the least bit helpful, NOT EVEB HEALING HIMSELF OR ASKING FOR HEALS!!!!
By the end of the match he finally healed up where we met the second to last squad. I saw them first and pinged them and started setting up gas traps to once again try and defend. GUESS. EFFING. WHAT HE. DID.
He pushed on them, no pings to say I'm attacking, nothing over Microphone, he straight up runs up to them and initiated a 1v3. I would have left his ass to the wolf es if our octane didn't ALSO start pushing. Of course the bloodhound gets downed immediately and disconnects. Fortunately the rest of the lobby was just as garbage as I had to single handedly fight 1v2 as the octane also got downed. Their fuse was standing in a corner quite possibly AFK, and through my gas traps and quicker movements I best the squad and win the game by downing the only remaining ash on the enemy team. They were teabagging for a truce but I was having none of it.
I reported them through the in game report system for gameplay sabotage as he more than likely would do this elsewhere, and here is the discussion I want to start: there needs to be more done about this, not just in Apex, but throughout the entire gaming community. This is no longer about trolling or being toxic, what this player did was actual MALICE to disrupt another player's enjoyment of the game through in game actions, and thusly needs to be legally BARRED from participating in any video game.
When this game first came out it was so fun and innovative, forcing cooperation amongst players to achieve victory rather than drop solo, run around for seven minutes, than get one shot by someone you can't see because the game was so clunky (looking at you PUBG Xbox port). Fast forward 3 years and now that system is straight up being ignored, and ever since summer, July 2021 I have seen a decline in quality with this game. The vast majority of matches I play nowadays consist of the following:

  1. Jumpmaster ignoring teammates suggestions and hotdropping in an area filled with half the lobby (these areas I've dubbed the "Meatgrinder") and we die instantly. Hotdropping without majority consent or even giving the party a chance to respond is IMO bad sportsmanship, plain and simple. If I want to, I will hot drop, but i don't, so dick move.
  2. Teammates that a.) Never use ANY of their abilities b.) Never use the ping system or c.) Never rez their downed teammates. I could literally be in a corner next to a full health Bangalore spamming "Get me up" while a firefight rages for 30 seconds 20 feet away with absolutely NOBODY charging up on us: THEY WON'T LIFT A FINGER to get me back up. They run off and either throw the match by dying or I bleed out, watch them F around for 5 seconds then quit and go the next match, rinse and repeat.
  3. Teammates that either are acting with malicious intent to actively harass other players with their in game actions, or they are not intelligent enough to understand what they are doing, or they are mentally incapacitated to the point where they CAN'T know what they or doing, or are a literal child who are being one of those three.
I'm not demanding a call to action, I'm not criticizing anyone in this community. But suppose you walk into a grocery and start screaming at the top of your lungs and throwing things around, at which point you are banned from the store and escsorted out by police. Why? Because you were acting in a MALICOUS way to harras the employees and customers around you, disrupting their lives to a point where you posed a possible threat to both yourself and those around you, and thus were given consequences to your actions. Does this sound reasonable?
My question is this: Should the same aspect of the legal system apply to video games? Should in game actions be met with out of game consequences?
This is not opinion or fact, this not satire. This is a legitimate question that requires a legitimate answer. Please be civil.
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2022.01.26 15:10 sharki1754 If you could buff ONE tank which tank would you BUFF? (Tier X)

choose one and what to buff on it.
View Poll
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2022.01.26 15:10 lilfunky1 Only 1 in 10 Canadians consider themselves happy lately

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2022.01.26 15:10 Significant-Notice- Me on Tyler on Bryan on Labor

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2022.01.26 15:10 NovaStubble Don’t look! Just Buy!

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2022.01.26 15:10 CreativeTontiort I was playing Brookhaven RP on Roblox. After i left the game, i looked in the servers, and saw this... A server of 18 players max with 19 PLAYERS. Is this a bug or a curse?

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2022.01.26 15:10 incognitoacct2 AP's Appearance?

Does the appearance of your WS, AP matter to you? If they were better looking or Uglier? My WS affair partner is maybe a 2 and not to sound conceded, but in every single way a downgrade. I can't wrap my head around why if your going to cheat why not do better at least? I've asked and have not really gotten an answer in what the appeal was. After the the affair fog, WS was even disgusted with their choice.
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2022.01.26 15:10 That_one_sander Video Editor 10+ Years of experience for hire

I use the adobe suit of software(Premiere pro, After effects, Photoshop, Ilustrator, among others) and I can offer several types of editing, such as:

* **Motion graphics animation**
* **2D intros**
* **2D outros**
* **Logo animation**
* **Compilation videos**
* **Funny moments**
* **Vlog editing**
* **Documentary style videos**
* **Videogame montages**
* **Advertisements**

I can also do image editing such as:

* **Touch up pictures**
* **Fix mistakes in a photo**
* **Thumbnail creation**
* **image manipulation**

Price is based on the project, expect a minimum of $40 per video

I can send samples of my work if you so wish, feel free to contact me via Reddit chat or DMs

Willing to work on long term projects or single time ones, anything goes.
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2022.01.26 15:10 Pianoman5678 [REQUEST] - Tick Tick Boom BP

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2022.01.26 15:10 eventdawdling [News] - Everyday objects can run artificial intelligence programs

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2022.01.26 15:10 Mental_Ad9366 Reup time always nice 🥳🥳

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2022.01.26 15:10 PingPongPigeons [For Sale] Metallica - Master of Puppets (Columbia Club Edition) Lower Price

Hi all,
I'm reposting this with a lowered price, looking for $185 shipped to the CONUS.
Metallica - Master of Puppets 1986 Club Edition (NM/VG) Disc is in amazing shape, I was the first person to open the shrink. There is some static in the intro to Battery and a little on Side B, but may get better as you play and the needle discharges the static. There are two small tears in the spine, but the facing is in great shape.
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2022.01.26 15:10 Simhera My 2021 pride month hair

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2022.01.26 15:10 BerkinAltinok Reebop Kwaku Baah - Softly Weeping, feat. Steve Winwood (Reebop, 1972)

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2022.01.26 15:10 _Blue_b0y I was friends with a pedo

Obviously tw for pedophilia. But I’m a 15 m and when this happened I was 13. I had two friends one 14 f I’m gonna call her mthe other 15 f I’m gonna call her g. We go to an alternative school that goes from third grade to senior year of high school. My friend and I were in the same group (my school does groups for elementary and middle school instead of actual grades) and we met this guy one day on a field trip. He was a senior and we started hanging out with him. I always got lowkey weird vibes from him but I ignored it. We were friends for awhile and things weren’t that weird. The first time I really heard about him being weird is when my friend m said he was saying I love you to her. Now he used to say I love you bestie but he dropped the bestie. We confronted him about it and he stopped. A few days later he got expelled. I found out recently that he actually sent nudes to m and was very touchy with g. I probably should have said something about the vibes I got from him.
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2022.01.26 15:10 jokemachinegun My cruel mistress

They say comedy is a cruel mistress. I say comedy is that frat guy that shoots you with a paintball gun, says it’s just a prank, bro, then drunk dials his mom in tears later that day. In the end, what’s the difference? What we’re trying to say is pain and levity are connected. It seems to be a trend that tragic people want to make others laugh. Some tragic people, the others become dentists. But what is it about depression that makes you want to give someone a chuckle? Perhaps, a strong sense of empathy. Thinking I know what it’s like. Take my thoughts that help me through it as well. It becomes a battle to win for these funny people and it doesn’t always have a happy ending. I recall my junior year of high school when the news broke Robin Williams kicked the can. Of course then I didn’t understand just how thick a smoothie life can be. I just remember thinking He looked so happy in his movies. Gone was the adult Peter Pan, the doctor who said laughter was the best medicine ( it probably wasn’t ethical to self medicate).
It was Aristotle who said “Comedy is the opposite of tragedy. A happy ending” but when I told this to the masseuse, she wouldn’t budge. More seriously, it means that my life’s work is tragedy because it’s definitely not comedy. It’s a terrible feeling to be in my position because I admire laughter so much. I try my hardest to be funny and that’s counter productive. Nowadays, the best laughter is natural. You might find the best moments in comedy of your life come from something unexpected. A monkey flings his poop, a doctor mispronounces a word, a kid trips and breaks three bones. When we detect comedy should be happening, it’s often not registered as such and it makes people die inside. That’s why someone like me might not be the funniest. Everything I write has been prepared in my mind with several minutes of thought. Oatmeal is just cereal soup.
Back then, things were different. Laughter was and is a primal instinct and its purpose was to relieve stress. During cavemen times where times were simpler and everyone tried to eat rocks, there were extremely high-stress situations because it was often life or death. Being chased by a saber tooth tiger brought intense harm to the psyche, However, once that threat disappeared, the stress was still there and needed to relieved along with happiness chemicals introduced into the system so they would laugh( I think cavemen came up with the phrase “laugh it off” though don’t ask me how they knew english). They would laugh about things like ugly faces or the fact that their future kin would have to pay taxes. Oh, how hilarious.
I still make people laugh from time to time. I’m a writer though. Not an improviser so I’m lucky if I can summon some wit from my brains that is the equivalent of those tiny cars you buy for toddlers. When I do, it feels like I’ve just smacked a baby. It’s amazing. I ride that high for the next couple weeks until I see a monkey fling its poop. I’m addicted to it. Can’t say I always have been but I do remember distinct times where I’d make someone laugh in grade school. Perhaps my first time was during a birthday party when I was 4, with my older brother and (maybe) two of our neighbors about the same age. I went over and sat on a balloon and it popped causing laughter. I don’t exactly know how but I guess the brain went Aha! Butt, balloon, pop.
The problem is this: Comedy is a first-world solution to real-world problems. It doesn’t fix anything and I wish I could cause real change but I’m not that powerful. I’m not that strong. I’m not that smart. For now, I can only try my best to make people laugh. Biscuits and mustard.
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2022.01.26 15:10 Connor2002100 Anyone got a server?

Looking to play some modded if anyones got a server up and running or can make one. I’m not terrible and know a fair few mods
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2022.01.26 15:10 lachiendupape Rumour: Brighton have bid rejected for Braga striker Abel Ruiz

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2022.01.26 15:10 CITKat2009 PoOT: Where is the dang bluebird??

Where is the bluebird you need to take a picture of?? I'm in year 3 and I still haven't seen it, it's the only one I have missing.
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2022.01.26 15:10 lilac_enough Skadi the Corrupting Heart, my beloved..

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2022.01.26 15:10 Specialist_Trust4157 32/F/ Chinese-Americans live in Manhattan, hoping to fill their inner loneliness here!

Hello, this is the first time I try to find a pen pal who can communicate with my heart. I am very lonely inside. I think a short introduction is a good start: my name is Eilin, I'm 32 years old, I'm Chinese American, I live in Manhattan, I have two clothing stores, my parents live in Los Angeles, and 6 years ago I Came to Manhattan to join my aunt who works on Wall Street and I've fallen in love with it since then, but I'm lonely inside, and since my ex-boyfriend died in a car accident 2 years ago, my day-to-day life is like Living in torment, I hope to find some friends who can have a common topic with me, preferably over 30 years old, because I think people over 30 years old will be more mature, I like to communicate with mature people, that will make me Learn more. so i look forward to hearing from you
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2022.01.26 15:10 deathbydribble How do I punish dj u4 as steve?

Dj makes me cry fr.
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2022.01.26 15:10 AlBalts Вопрос в количестве нулей. Почему депутат Гончаренко поддерживает пророссийскую "оппозицию" Беларуси

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