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2022.01.26 14:36 EtherVirtualMachine щ | Dating Back to 2011-12 | Punycodes | d/xn--y1a - Emblem Vault [Ethereum] | OpenSea

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2022.01.26 14:36 FleshSuit_ hmmm

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2022.01.26 14:36 takeTheleap1313 I hope you know....

First thing I've posted here and is about someone who unexpectedly appeared in my life. is more than I thought was humanly possible..He may not even be human who knows ;)

I toss and I turn, sleep attempts to elude me yet again. My mind won't slow down, the thoughts always end up back to you. They are questions with no answers and Emotions still too fragile to find z Visions of you, & me,(dare I say "us")... Flash behind my closed eyes Tangled up in each other. Endless intoxicating nights Turned into endless blissful days The weeks blurred into months Call it wishful thinking if u must, But I can feel it in my bones, This is much more than some unsatiated never ending Lust. Can't help but wonder, do these thoughts of Us, affect you too?? IDK why, they still take me by surprise, As they try to pull me under. Late at night, as I'm laying in my bed These thoughts of you that infiltrate my head. Cause my legs to slowly spread apart. Begging to feel you get lost deep in between. Like a blank page begs for words to be laid upon it. Longing to capture & needing to feel, The author's poetic heat. Your strong hands & gentle searching fingers, read my body like a map. I wonder how you always know exactly which roads to take Whether starting from the front or the back, it's all yours.... This ecstasy and Intimacy your path creates. Your sense of direction as you travel my body, has an accuracy that must be innate. Is this what is meant, when debating the illusive idea of fate? Your dark mesmerizing eyes glow, piercing straight through my soul. I'm held captive by the primal desire I see radiating inside them. Im rendered helpless, no match for your iris's perfectly stoked fire. The flames we create reach higher&higher. I hope you catch me when I fall Cuz there's no way in heaven or hell, that I can continue to precariously balance on our mysteriously constructed highwire.
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2022.01.26 14:36 Mpatseos Πάμε

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2022.01.26 14:36 adaline7876 What is crypto? What backs it? How is this not just a scam when there’s nothing material to it?

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2022.01.26 14:36 emmanuel_eo11 I replied that exact same minute….

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2022.01.26 14:36 BlackRussianTV Between Dec. 7 and Dec. 28, BTC reserves of the platforms monitored by ...

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2022.01.26 14:36 OkraOfTime87 New week, new sign

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2022.01.26 14:36 er_jata Three Angels 💘

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2022.01.26 14:36 QuickMedia17 [H] [W] PayPal / BTC-LTC-ETH

Contact: Telegram / Discord Channel / DM

Product Time Price
Envato 1 Month 7 $
Ahrefs 1 Month 10 $
Github Student Pack 1 Year 20 $
Rank Math Pro 1 Year 15$
WP Rocket 1 Year 15$
Elementor Pro 1 Year 15$
Canva Pro Lifetime 3 $
Duolingo Lifetime 5 $
Edu Mail Lifetime 5 $
Windows 10 Home/Pro Lifetime 7-8 $
Windows 11 Pro Lifetime 12 $
** If you need something that is not on the above list, please let me know and I might have them for you!
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2022.01.26 14:36 TFPilot21 BSTAT 2305 Esimai

It’s been around a week and a half, and Ive found that her teaching is difficult for me to understand. Does anyone have any tips on how to succeed through the semester?
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2022.01.26 14:36 Old-Interest403 HP character in Naruto?

Any fanfic where someone from the Harry Potter universe ends up in the Naruto world?
Preferably not Yaoi/Yuri, and not crack fics
It does not matter if it is a reincarnation or if it came through a mystical portal, as long as it has its magic, anything is welcome.
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2022.01.26 14:36 Limp_Gap_9009 Be careful what you wish for Sonny

When he was trashing Drew yesterday and saying it should have been him dying and not Jason, he should have taken into consideration that if Jason was still around, he'd have lost Snarly for sure during this whole situation with Nina. We all know Snarly would have already been to bed with Jason by now 😂😂😂
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2022.01.26 14:36 UrbanHipHop I’m an upcoming artist inspired originally by Eminem to start rapping, fast forward to the future, I have a song dropping with Bizarre February 1st! Pre-Save my latest single!

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2022.01.26 14:36 Gooseknuckler Your bodyguard just choked himself out

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2022.01.26 14:36 SonOfFavor I like math as much as the next guy...

...But I draw the line at fractions!
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2022.01.26 14:36 thequotesguide It is folly for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself.

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2022.01.26 14:36 LALA498 I did UWSA 2 and 2 amboss blocks, % trending down any advice for exam fatigue?

My averages were
78%, 60, 63, 58 on uwsa 2 ---> got 220, testing on feb 1
55, 44 on two amboss blocks back to back

ANY advice ( maybe on how to take the breaks? or should I drink coffee/energy drink?)
any useful video to watch ?
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2022.01.26 14:36 Succmaballs Say hello to box PC. My abomination

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2022.01.26 14:36 Greatest22 Question about RocknRollOriginals.com

Hello fellow Metalheads! I am planning to get some metal merch from RocknRollOriginals.com soon.
Have any of you purchased merch from this site before? If yes, how was your experience?
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2022.01.26 14:36 Happy-History1776 🏆NFT GIVEAWAY🏆 DIAMOND 💎 HANDS 2.0 - Get them while they last!!! SEE COMMENT FOR DETAILS!!!

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2022.01.26 14:36 sad_panda91 I finally quit a job that gave me insomnia, burnout and depression and I never felt better

Wall of Text, best Just scroll to the bottom.
This was roughly a year ago. I had a very quick climb on the career ladder into the research department of a medium sized company (2000~ employees globally).
This was the first real Job I had after a bunch of internships at that company and writing my thesis there. The thesis turned out to be very useful which enabled a lot of cool opportunities which to me back then sounded amazing. I had a lot of responsibilities and a say at the big guys table, which felt great. My pay was still shitty, but I got promised more regularly, so it was fine to me. Also, since all those internships and my thesis and all, and the projects I worked on were pretty much my "babies", I had what you would call loyalty to that company.
After an amazing first year there, I was euphoric, I was ready to give it all.. and my boss noticed. I got more and more stuff on my plate. Projects that were far too big for a still super young employee and a team of 5-6 people, of which 2 were pretty much just sales and management. Since those guys weren't technically inclined, I had to manage client calls and support, while developing the product, while still reading recent papers and planning the next thing since it was still under the flag of a "research" department.
I am gonna be honest, a lot of that stuff was me being able to polish a turd, because at some point, it was impossible to maintain the ever increasing workload with actual quality.
So I was using my regular working hours to get on client calls, prepare talks and presentations and demos, planning what to do next and after hours, when people were finally out the office, I had some time to finally actually code the projects I was on. During this time, my shortest work days were like 10 hours, my longest I literally slept on a couch in the office.
Best part is, I never got compensated for overhours. Company policy was no more than 10h a day unless it was planned and reported beforehand and a bunch of paperwork was done. Which I would have needed everyday pretty much. So I had this stealth agreement with my boss that I could just write down my overhours and have them as extra vacation, which I could take off once it became a little more quiet. Which of course never happened. On the contrary. This agreement had the great side effect of enabling me to work on weekends, public holidays and maybe the funniest, my own vacation days. But man did I get praise for my work ethic. From time to time I even got a "you need to take a day off now and then", which pretty much meant I had to do that work whenever I came back because no one ever took over.
As a thanks I got promotions and even more responsibilities and small bonuses at the end of the year (Not even close to being worth it) but raises were always postponed to "really soon, but budget is really tight right now"
BTW at the annual christmas party, the boss had a slideshow prepared where he's shown us all of his vintage cars (we are talking over 20 Cars, most of which no one of us will ever have the spare money to afford), crazy expensive vacations and restaurant visits - you know, just to establish some familiarity and get to know him and his personal life. This, in no way, was just a flex and the fact that promised raises were postponed for over a year due to "difficult financial times" meant this was surely the best time to do this little tour through his crib.
After I got another project to support in a different timezone, which meant I had scheduled calls around the clock now, I asked for some support for the team, which of course was promised but never came. I had to client support and dev a project that could easily keep an entire team busy, for months and months on end, begging for support every week.
This was the time when I noticed that my behaviour and my body changed. I got angry and irritable. My heartbeat randomly raced through the roof. I could not sleep for the life of me, even though I was extremely exhausted. Just didnt happen. Multiple nights every week were straight up all-nighters.
At some point something clicked. I stared right through my computer screen and couldn't get a single task done. Not even the easiest ones that would have been muscle memory at that point. This happened once, then again, then this was the norm. I just. Couldn't. My attention span was zero, my ability to concentrate on the most mundane task was all of a sudden nonexistant. I blamed it all on me and was terribly embarrassed anyone would find out. The calls luckily still worked, so I could talk myself out of stuff, but this couldn't have kept going. So I called in sick, wrapped myself inside a blanket like a burrito and didnt move from my couch for weeks, except to order takeout and go to the bathroom. I came back for a day just to call in sick again immediately. Luckily COVID and Home-Office made flying under the radar easier, but my Boss bombarded my business phone in the meantime. After about 3 months of this, I called him, I noticed that He struggled to keep his voice down and asked me when I would return. I told him that I wouldnt.
This is when I actually got the raise offered that I wanted. And a new business phone. And a Bonus. But at that point that could have been millions, I was just done and I knew If I ever set foot in that office again, I would kill myself.
Another 3 months later, I started a new job. Almost 100% pay raise, an actual team to work with, and barely any overhours. Super chill and still even more productive due to people actually sharing responsibilities. I still feel the late effects of my former job, but luckily a steady sleeping cycle and strict working hour rules are making me better every day.
Maybe what I am trying to say is, guys, you wont become elon musk by being employed and paid a shitty wage. Don't work your ass off for that carrot on a stick
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2022.01.26 14:36 StrawberryGirl_7 Def Noodles Interviewed Trisha and Moses....

I refuse to watch/listen. I'm legitimately disappointed that Dennis is platforming this monstrosity for his own gain. I thought he was one of the good ones. The fact that in his description on Spotify he calls her behavior trolling is just disgusting to me..
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2022.01.26 14:36 pastelpixelator Top 10 Cringiest And Just Like That Moments

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