Wattson down without deaths! MVP is shared between Panda and Slox, both very important roles

2022.01.26 14:24 TheNxxbKen Wattson down without deaths! MVP is shared between Panda and Slox, both very important roles

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2022.01.26 14:24 davmerc1 Security Fabric over already configured IPsec VPN

Hi all,
Trying to configure the security fabric over IPsec VPN. Topology is all the FGTs connects to the root FGT by IPsec tunnels. Following this guide: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortigate/6.4.8/administration-guide/453842/security-fabric-over-ipsec-vpn did work in my lab. But when assigning the IPsec Virtual Interfaces on the root & downstream FGTs it doesn`t work. The only thing that differs from the PROD FGTs is the IPsec tunnel phase 2 (Local Subnet & Remote Subnet). In the Admin Guide, the phase 2 remote & local subnets on both the FGTs are Only limiting particular networks to reach the IPsec tunnel by IPv4 policies. On the PROD FGTs I`ve already assigned the required local/remote subnets on each FGT`s phase 2 IPsec tunnels.
Should I remove those phase 2 local/remote subnets & put the ? Doesn`t make much sense.
Also when diag debug app csfd -1 I get the following result:
No upstream Fortigate found. & when sniifing the traffic from the downstream FGT, it is trying to send the FortiTelemetry traffic (port 8013 I believe) to the root FGT. But when sniffing the root FGT, no traffic on port 8013 is found. Thanks.
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2022.01.26 14:24 Frency2 The system only works if it receives support from those who are part of it

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2022.01.26 14:24 RoadRunner49 He just wanted to worship Allah and play with his cat 🥲

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2022.01.26 14:24 jakhumusic Nice electronic remix of Party Monster

hello !
i just discovered this remix on internet of Party Monster and i find it really nice (essentially the drop). enjoy ahah
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2022.01.26 14:24 bilal32155 Just out of curiosity, how old is everyone here?

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2022.01.26 14:24 MysteriousCalendar44 https://t.me/joinchat/yaGdOfvY6-Y2NTk8

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2022.01.26 14:24 quietfreeways How can there be “additional sugars” if it’s not part of the ingredients?

Bought raw organic honey from Trader Joe’s. I notice the ingredients only list honey, but if you look at the nutrition facts it says: Total Sugars 17g (Incl. 17g Added Sugars).
What does this mean?
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2022.01.26 14:24 theforestboi I know this isn't pokemon emerald ( it's pokemon sapphire) but it's my first hall of fame!! And there was no casualtys in the elite 4

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2022.01.26 14:24 lergx574 Found a late bloomer!

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2022.01.26 14:24 drkmrk Love the way this paint job turned out

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2022.01.26 14:24 got_edge flag of UK-RAIN- E

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2022.01.26 14:24 csr_ph [NA] [Midwest] GN3/FaceIT LV2 LFT from the Midwest

I'm 21y/o from Wisconsin with nearly 3.3k hours. I'm looking for a team from the midwest so we don't have to deal with timezone and scheduling issues.
Preferably I want folks who are available most, if not every afternoon after 3:30pm. (CST of course, and barring nothing comes up.)
Most of my experience on teams has been as a support/second entry player, but I can entry and AWP as well. IGLing is not my comfort zone but I can help with strats and defaults if needed. I've played against pro teams too! (humble brag)
Please note that I do play for a team currently, but due to scheduling issues I have way more available time than they do.
If you're east/west coast it may not work out unless you have a similar schedule to mine. Just be aware of that.
My steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/csr_ph
My discord: csr#6233
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2022.01.26 14:24 PotentialAd47 [PS4] H: Flamer VE90 W: Zealots Explo 3* Flamer or Troubleshooter’s Explo 3* Flamer or Executioner Explo 3* Flamer

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2022.01.26 14:24 Specialist_Link2857 Bro go and watch dr adnan ibrahim you will accept religion you will be muslim i was atheist and i didnt believe in god but when i watched dr.adnan.ibrahim i became a muslim

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2022.01.26 14:24 Nine_Ball Can you still get Crow’s ship?

I have the deluxe edition but I skipped season of the hunt. I finished Hawkmoon’s quest and got my first random roll last week, and I’ve been collecting these feathers that apparently will give me Crow’s ship if I get 100. Is it still possible to do this or am I wasting my time? There isn’t any quest about collecting feathers so far so I have no clue how to keep track of how many I have
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2022.01.26 14:24 Artistic-Sir-5292 Juice WRLD - Dior (unreleased)[ Music Video ]

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2022.01.26 14:24 Teqnology Clair Obscur

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2022.01.26 14:24 Rare-Step64 FiPiToken project

It is a great and important vision. I am hopeful that potential funding partners will embrace the utility of this endeavor and step up to ensure its success. #FiPi #Presale #FiPiIndexes #IDO #FiPiAPP
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2022.01.26 14:24 spavacations Is the line dead or is there just no hold music?

Currently waiting via the 800.772.1213 number. After it goes through the prompts, I tell it what I’m calling about, etc it goes silent. The phone call is still connected it’s just… silence. No hold music. I feel like there should be hold music. Am I actually in queue to speak to someone or have I somehow gotten pushed to the SSA netherworld?? Anyone?
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2022.01.26 14:24 Demither10 "Carlos Salcedo's transfer to Toronto FC is being held up because Yeferson Soteldo hasn't agreed to a contract with Tigres, and his agent is asking for more money, despite the exchange already being arranged by the clubs." [THREAD]

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2022.01.26 14:24 Quiet_Temperature_40 how can i copy my old account list to my new account?

need help
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2022.01.26 14:24 qwer1627 Last one was removed: Mods, you are not the Leaders of this movement. And that’s okay -

Those actively participating in labor activism love this subreddit to share their experiences, get guidance, and receive/provide support. This subreddit is a public-facing, gigantic, disorganized, wide-angle view of multiple strata of leftist ideologies. At 1.7m subscribers, it’s a community of communities.
This is why there cannot have a central leadership apparatus. Our central leadership apparatus is the ideology that unites us - not any single person or a group of people. Mods, take note and recognize this - you’re stewards of this subreddit, not stewards of the community and certainly not the stewards of the ideology. Do not take on the mantle no one asked you take, especially one we so desperately want to remove from those oppressing the working class.
That is all,
peace and solidarity folks
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2022.01.26 14:24 edgarb159 Anime where MC is alone

Hey there, ive been searching for any anime where MC is alone and a man, and short anime (around 13 episodes) thanks!
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2022.01.26 14:24 Glad-Physics-8490 Pop-ups not appearing after changing screen

I'm building an app that records audio and later displays the number of filler words present in the recoding via a pop-up notification. I used the Navigator class to switch between the main page and the recording page. However, when I go from the recording page to the main page and back again, the pop-up does not show up after I'm done recording. I'm fairly new to Flutter and have tried a number of approaches to fix this but nothing seemed to have worked. Would appreciate the help.
Here's some of the source code:

Widget build(BuildContext context) => MaterialApp( debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false, title: title, theme: ThemeData(primarySwatch: Colors.blueGrey), initialRoute: 'homePage', routes: { 'homePage': (context) => const Homepage(), 'instantFeedback': (context) => const InstantFeedback(), // The issue is with this route 'delayedFeedback': (context) => const DelayedFeedback(), }, ); 
Widget build(BuildContext context) { return Scaffold( appBar: AppBar( title: const Text(MyApp.title), centerTitle: true, ), body: Column( children: [ ElevatedButton( child: const Text('Click for instant feedback'), onPressed: () { Navigator.pushNamed(context,'instantFeedback'); } ), ElevatedButton( child: const Text('Get delayed feedback'), onPressed: () { // The issue is with this route Navigator.pushNamed(context,'delayedFeedback'); })])); } 
@override Widget build(BuildContext context) => Scaffold( appBar: AppBar( title: const Text('Delayed Feedback'), centerTitle: true, leading: FloatingActionButton( child: const Icon(Icons.arrow_back_ios_new), onPressed: () { // Should I be doing it like this? Navigator.pop(context); },), ), floatingActionButtonLocation: FloatingActionButtonLocation.centerFloat, floatingActionButton: AvatarGlow( animate: _isListening, glowColor: Theme.of(context).primaryColor, endRadius: 75.0, duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 1500), repeatPauseDuration: const Duration(milliseconds: 100), repeat: true, child: FloatingActionButton( child: Icon(_isListening ? Icons.mic : Icons.mic_none, size: 36), onPressed: () async { await _toggleRecording(); } ) ) ); Widget _buildPopupDialog(BuildContext context, String text) { return AlertDialog( title: const Text('Feedback'), content: Column( mainAxisSize: MainAxisSize.min, crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.start, children: [ Text(text, style: const TextStyle( fontSize: 16, color: Colors.blueGrey ),),], ), actions: [ // ignore: deprecated_member_use FlatButton( onPressed: () { Navigator.of(context).pop(); }, textColor: Theme.of(context).primaryColor, child: const Text('Close'), ), ], ); } Future _toggleRecording() => SpeechAPI.toggleRecording( onResult: (text) => { setState(() => _text = text), }, onListening: (isListening) { setState(() => _isListening = isListening); if (!_isListening) { _trigerPopup(_text); } }, ); Future _trigerPopup(String text) { List counters = Filler_Feedback.scanText(text); String feedback = ''; for (int i = 0; i < counters.length; i++) { feedback += 'You used \"' + Fillers.fillers[i] + '\" ' + counters[i].toString() + ' time/s. \n'; } return showDialog( context: context, builder: (BuildContext context) => _buildPopupDialog(context, feedback), ); } } 
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